Group Health Credit Union announced today that they are changing their name to Salal CU. Salal is a plant indigenous to the Northwest and has been used for medicinal purposes. It’s a hearty little shrub that can grow in almost any conditions. By definition I can see why they would choose this name – but it’s hard to say, even for a native Northwesterner. It’s not very melodic. And after a couple of martinis, fuhgettaboutit.

I heard somewhere that when you name a child or a pet you should test it by yelling it from your front porch. “Here Muffin Head!” “Cleatus, time for dinner!” Are you okay with yelling that out loud? Does it feel silly? Is it too long? Is it hard to spit out?  I think CU namers should adopt this practice.

“I’m going to Salal to deposit my paycheck!” Hmmmm……

Salal CU logo  (on left)

Real Salal (below)